Jiangmen Bureau of Economic and Information Technology - Caring Enterprise Development

In early May, Jiangmen Bureau of Economic and Information Technology fee Weidong, deputy director of portable electronic Information Section Division I members of his party come to inspect the current understanding of enterprise development, encourage enterprises to combine and use of government policies to promote development. Race Ming Feng Ting, chairman of investment shares, Feng Bing, general manager of the company responsible for the reception and carefully planning the development of current and future business conditions for a comprehensive report to the City Council by letter for a long time for the care and support given to the development of the company Ming Cup expressed his gratitude.

After listening to the reporting of the situation, fees Weidong, deputy director for the achievements of our fully affirmed. He said that in recent years, LED lighting industry with high-end new electronic information industry, the electric vehicle industry a strategic emerging industries as one of the three key development in Guangdong Province, in the development of low-carbon industries, Jiangmen has formed a number of leading enterprises. Currently focused on three aspects work together to promote the development of LED lighting industry, according to the functions of Municipal Science and Technology Bureau. 1, support and guide social enterprises to carry out innovative activities, research and development of new technologies and new products; 2, foster high-tech enterprises and private technology enterprises; 3, to promote public technical service platform.

He said that as a business we must make full use of good national support policies, innovation, development and growth companies. He asked, LED enterprises should continue to strengthen product development efforts to ensure product quality, create enterprise product brand, featuring its own path of development.