Welcome to Hangzhou Hongyan Electric Co., come to our study guide

February 20, 2014 in Hangzhou Hongyan Electric Co. senior leadership line 6 to visit our company. Inspection team members: Wang meters into the president, vice president Sunquan Ming, research manager Wu Yihui, deputy Zhongshan Office Qiu Yongxing, Zhang Yong, head of lighting quality SQE department, R & D engineer Wu Yifan, this trip by our group chairman Feng Ting, General Manager Feng Bing, deputy general manager of sales department Yue Feng yuan, sales Manager Ice, personnel manager Zhanghong Zheng, Li Dawei, head of engineering and salesman Tan Yan accompanied.

The main mission of this trip was part of the activities:

First: high-level meeting, the company plans to mutual understanding and future development.

Second: Our production workshop for site visits.



Through this entire site visits allow Hangzhou Hongyan Electric Company for monitoring the quality of our products and other aspects of the production process and engineering research and development capabilities have the advantages of a more comprehensive and in-depth understanding. Meanwhile, the study's senior squad geese so fully illustrate the degree of attention and concern of our company, reflecting the great intention to cooperate in good faith on both sides. Also for the future establishment of mutual trust and mutually beneficial partnership has laid a good foundation.