115th Canton Fair on April 15, 2014 -19 days held in Guangzhou, China Import and Export Fair Complex

Division I this year with lights (intellectual property) based products to participate in the Guangzhou Fair, its products ranging from low voltage lights with 3528 (monochrome), 5050 (monochrome) Boutique, project-based, high-end Engineering and Innovation 5050 Engineering; high-pressure lamp with 3528 (monochrome), 5050 (monochrome) boutique, project type, project type and grade 5730 5050 V single lamp light water jump a variety of models with dynamic lights and other series; product styles, designs novel has attracted the attention of domestic and foreign buyers and door negotiations, through the Fair, the intention of the company to achieve significant sales orders than expected growth, but also laid the foundation for the expansion of overseas markets.