Celebrate International "March" Women's Day

March 8 - International "March" Women's Day, on this special day, race Ming leaders to the table to take the anniversary of the company's female staff who love and respect, so that we enjoy as a female female staff happiness and joy, the deputy general manager Wang Hua Huihuang photoelectric years Xia, personnel and administration Manager Zhanghong Zheng Ning tournament Lighting marketing Business Feng Yu Xuan led to make on behalf of female employees work carried greetings, care and payment gifts. Company leaders to their posts of female staff condolences and sincere thanks to the holiday season, I wish you good health and smooth work.

Subsequently, in the first floor conference room Huahui Huang photoelectric organized a "how to become a popular woman" and "Beauty Knowledge" lecture, Hua Huihuang optoelectronics, Saining office lighting all female staff attended the lecture. Zhanghong Zheng mentor to the "first impression does not seek some bright spots, but at least people looked uncomfortable" as the image of a successful start to teach us how to become popular in the eyes of others of women; and Feng Yu Xuan instructors around the skin care, maintenance and cosmetic significance, techniques, and several other key issues launched a wonderful talk. Feng Yu Xuan instructor pointed out in the lecture his colleagues usual skin care methods exist some "misunderstanding", but also come up with private collection of skin care products, the use of Q method makes discussion harmonious atmosphere, and colleagues speak out; make the whole discussion warm, lively, reaching a good interaction.

Care for women, is a fine tradition in the world over the years, I believe that this event, working women to achieve unity, self-reliance, and common development of the spirit Passing the torch.