Yangjiang Yangjiang city government who venture outside attention

March 6, 2014 morning, the government Leishuang Fu Yangdong County, Luohan Jie, deputy magistrate of the county, led by the relevant departments directly under the line of 14 people and entrepreneurs come to visit our company. They came out to visit and greetings Yangdong entrepreneurs who, after hearing Mayor Ray Ting Feng, chairman of the report, special attention to some of the difficulties companies face the prospect of planning and corporate.



Through the exchange, Ray learned Magistrate existing personnel costs associated with the rapid development of our company's growth and demand for human resources contradictions give suggestions and ideas related to the case of Yangdong government leaders attach great importance to our response, and for me Division to fight in "Yangjiang technology Vocational College" build the foundation of human resources training base.

Ray County line and then visit the company's production site, the company carefully to packaging production lines and lighting, lighting, lights workshop inspections understanding. At the same time encourage the development of our LED seize the opportunity to develop innovative, entrepreneurial spirit to create a hundred years old, to enhance the development of enterprises to a higher level, culture, race Ming spirit, creativity embodied race Ming Ming's race.







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