Scientific staff development training courses officially launched - the staff is ready to race against Ming ready!

2014 just started, Shimmering started with "Staff scientific development" as the theme of a series of training, including training there "Excel Office system optimization", "overseas customers to develop and follow-up", "high and low voltage lights with products company explain "," clever use Alibaba platform "," successful salesman secret "," new employees guidance "," professional skills training workshop "courses, rich content, broad knowledge, according to the learning needs of all employees participate in various training courses .

Companies based training for long-term push to fully do a good job training courseware development work is important, employees adhere to the quality of learning-oriented, adhere to the school to promote the post to promote endogenous motivation of employees to ensure that learning and training to achieve tangible results.

In January 2014 the training program, Shining Trainers Business Huang Shaohua, Zhang Lingfang, Tan Yan, Feng Yu Xuan, engineering Li Dawei, high Dongyue, Liang Lei and Hua Huihuang trainers Wang was Xia, Tan Xiping, Zhanghong Zheng employees based on different needs, develop has targeted to employees to set reasonable course tutors through their professional skills to teach the body to learn with training to enhance the management and staff of the enterprise to learn job skills and achieved good results.

Participants agreed that the series of training, timing is compact, rich in content, flexible and diverse forms. Through training, achieve mutual exchanges, broaden their horizons, develop the ability to deepen the understanding of the purpose of the company. They said later take the knowledge learned into practice, work with excellent results for the company gift.








Trainers Tan Yan seriously as we explain clever use Alibaba platform courses



We seriously fun learning