Passion party perfect ending to force employees Ming Cup - 2014 Spring Gathering will

January 20, 2014 Spring Gathering tournament Ming Investment Company in the audience and the actors sing in unison, "Grateful Heart" came to a close, the staff does not fall wonderful performances in prolonged applause echoed laughter continued , the party was a complete success.

The party entirely by employees self-directed speech, full participation, reflect a good team spirit. Evening program polymorphous multicolor with festive dance "good life", ebullient "B-BOY & FLY GIRL", a fashion show "invisible light, people love", there is another pers

on stick belly laugh comedy, popular, nice nostalgic songs, in addition amused Funny game, exciting live draw, so that each person has the opportunity to participate in person, on stage and also achieved a good interaction.

Through this annual meeting, reflecting a harmonious family Ming Cup team culture, so that everyone feels warm, enhance friendship, we look forward to in the new year, the investment company can match strides Ming, made ​​more brilliant achievements.