Origin Guangya, Frankfurt Exhibition delegation visited Mitsuhiro sinks

May 9 afternoon, pending the amber rainstorm signal Jiangmen, the world seems to want to pour a downpour and cool, but it unimpeded exchange of college friends Frankfurt exhibition groups such as enthusiasm about visiting Jiangmen, managing director Bo Guo light Bo led light repair staff to meet friends from afar.



Pictured round friendly exchanges in Frankfurt Lighting Fair attendance


March 30, 2014, Mitsuhiro exchange hand in Guangzhou Guangya Messe Frankfurt participated in Germany at Frankfurt Lighting Fair, during the show, Mitsuhiro exchange with counterparts in Frankfurt exhibition delegation initially established contact with everyone on the development of the industry Road, a preliminary exchange, after returning home, the spirit of "exchanges and cooperation, and seek common development" purposes, Mitsuhiro exchange and communication group established closer ties and cooperation continues, exchange visits, established a profound friendship , May 9, Frankfurt Exhibition delegation Jiangmen line station starts, led by Mitsuhiro merged into a reception point.



Pictured Mitsuhiro exchange in Frankfurt, Germany Exhibition delegation before the Franco-Prussian War Memorial photoPictured Mitsuhiro exchange in Frankfurt, Germany Exhibition delegation before the Franco-Prussian War Memorial photo


Frankfurt Exhibition Bo layout as the light of the global strategy beginning with deep meaning. First, in the show, Mitsuhiro exchange with the global lighting industry's largest Guangzhou Guangya Messe Frankfurt Co Ltd to establish a cooperative relationship that will help the global lighting exhibition platform to deliver Mitsuhiro exchange of information, but also means that the light will be Bo the world's largest and most influential Guangya Exhibition sharing resources, enjoy the world's largest buyer group Guangya Exhibition resources to build on a platform, which create light Bo "international procurement platform" has a great role in promoting. Second, the Frankfurt exchange group exhibition by the outstanding enterprises, government departments, research institutions, designers and other staff are excellent industry groups, the optical Bo gathered together at the table of development, we hope that through exchanges, visits, further enhance mutual understanding, build more trust and promote cooperation. In exchange, the people on the lighting industry in new ideas, concepts conduct a more in-depth discussion, in a pleasant atmosphere exchange, cheerfully friendship, and discuss how to play their respective advantages, resource sharing.



Pictured Mitsuhiro Meeting colleagues in the Department for the guests to explain investment projects


In exchange, the general manager Guo Xiu Hui Director Mitsuhiro introduced to the group of the faithful Mitsuhiro sequestration projects strengths and vision, college friends sigh Mitsuhiro sinks "generous" production, the two sides on the investment environment, the prospects for cooperation, such as in-depth discussion and exchange, a lot of good companies are optimistic about the prospects Mitsuhiro sinks, hoping to cooperate with Mitsuhiro sinks in the future, open up channels.



The Frankfurt exchange group was accompanied by the Deputy General Manager Liu Aladdin lighting network. Aladdin lighting network is Guangya Exhibition site's lighting industry, with global industry resources, including global illumination and Lighting Fair in Frankfurt resources, including the master about one million domestic and foreign professionals, more than 22,000 domestic and overseas industries and enterprises, Mitsuhiro sinks and Aladdin lighting network has many years of partnership, the brand strategy and achieve joined forces to jointly promote the development of LED industry. Mitsuhiro sinks in advertising operations have been actively using media resources for multi-angle multifaceted advertising, on the other hand will also be used in future advertising resources assigned to the strong support of enterprise-wide speculation busy market, fast implementation of property value. 



Pictured delegation to visit Guangdong Huahui Huang and co-star Optoelectronics Technology Co., Ltd.




Pictured delegation million trees in Jiangmen New Material Technology Co., Ltd. photo


Subsequently, the delegation went to Jiangmen Hua Huihuang Optoelectronics Technology Co., Ltd., Jiangmen million trees New Material Technology Co., Ltd. as well as high-tech zones photoelectric industrial park visit, the inspection process, the delegation of the investment environment in Jiangmen expressed their views, generally consider the development of LED Jiangmen obvious advantages, especially transport has a unique advantage, in addition to government support efforts, to the enterprise into a lot of investor confidence.



Postscript: delegation visiting Frankfurt is not only the sublimation of friendship, but also the exchange of collision and fusion of high-end optical Bo and industry groups once thought, we origin Guangya Exhibition, Frankfurt time soon, will also know each other on a deeper level of cooperation in the future light Bo's mission is to make "Global Lighting trade Center", was settled in the light of future corporate Bo actively seeking domestic and foreign buyers resources as well as overseas buyers docking producers, Mitsuhiro sinks all the planning and design are subject to this important mission. With this mission, June 9, we turn edge concentrator Asia exhibition to explore the design industry, technology and market cutting-edge issues in Hall 5.2 Stand D02-end again with industry groups, develop new ideas and to seek cooperation opportunities. By then, the light will be erected Bo nearly 300 square feet of large display platform, welcome friends from all over the country gathered Mitsuhiro sink again. We look forward to further concentrating Asia, cheerfully and friendship.