Guangdong provinces use LED standard was first expected to be upgraded to the full industry standard

Recently, Jiang Theo Adams announced his long collaboration with the Shenzhen Optical Express, using Guangdong LED (light emitting diode) standards, issued "to the LED light source of standard optical components" of new technology and new products. This is the first in Guangdong Province LED standards adopted by enterprises from other provinces, the industry believes that the standard is expected to be upgraded to industry-wide standards.


Determine the quality standards, benchmarking Quality Alliance Secretary-General Hong Zhen, Guangdong Province, said: "2013 LED lighting product quality supervision and inspection results AQSIQ released, LED lighting product sample pass rate of less than 80% of Guangdong LED output closer. half of the country, the first to introduce standards in response to a number of enterprises have been expected to become the industry norm. "


According to Hong Zhen introduced, Guangdong LED standard optical component specification to obtain a number of companies reporting, present, TCL Group, Foshan Lighting (000,541), sponsored by American Express optoelectronics long eight units of the joint declaration had been adopted, many companies set up "LED lighting standard optical components detection laboratory "for detecting internal and joint proposals enterprise standard optical component products. Currently, NVC Lighting, Crystal Electronics has become the first authorized "LED lighting standard optical components detection laboratory" of the unit. Country Star Power (002449), Hongli Opto-electronic (300,219), Chau Ming Technology (300232) recently through qualification and on-site visits, becoming the second batch of authorized joint laboratory detection.

According to regulations, standard optical component detects enterprises need to develop a joint laboratory authorized annually to promote the use of standard optical components, or less than 10, or three years, has over 30 models; promised annual production and sales of LED lighting products total amount of standard optical components not less than 10 million yuan.

To this end, a number of companies have started to get authorization to promote its lighting products. For example, NVC 200,000 LED standard optical component product labeling have been the first to achieve sales of these products are currently in Guangdong, Guangxi, Shanghai, Zhejiang and other markets to roll out and get a good sales, only Guangzhou, Shenzhen, just a few days for the sale of 30,000 units.