Love life, to prevent fires, fire drills seriously involved

In order to further strengthen the company's staff fire safety awareness and improve emergency response capabilities to fight, quickly organized evacuation, to master the correct use of fire extinguishers and how to escape, the company organized a special fire safety exercises. Through fire drills, staff to enhance the resilience to respond to emergencies and to enhance the fire safety awareness, and grasp the general use of fire fighting equipment operating procedures and methods. 

Fire Prevention points:

1,timely warning. Fire alarm call 119, the police should put their name, address clarifying the fire, if possible, be sent to a nearby intersection pick the way.

2, when the electrical fire, first turn off the power. In case of power failure do not not put out with water and foam, because water and foam can be conductive.

3, to remember "first save after save things" principle, do everything possible to where people trapped in the fire before the ball came out, and the sick and elderly, and children should be evacuated in order to avoid delays, causing major disaster.

4, when your clothes are on fire, quickly rolling on the ground until the fire is completely extinguished.

5, in the case of no way to escape, should be actively looking for a temporary place of refuge, to protect themselves, and then choose to escape, or wait for firefighters to come to the rescue.