Hua Huihuang Optical - May 19 morning, Feng Ting, chairman held a mobilization meeting production

At the meeting, Feng Ting chairman post will reach sales goals and establish the amount of transparency, together with all employees face production targets and work together. Pointed out that May sales target 12 million yuan, and reflect the current sufficient orders, due to the difficulties encountered peak load shifting, inadequate supply of human resources and climate, and environmental factors lead to production failed to keep up. But our production line staff are very responsible, difficulties remain in their posts, working diligently to complete the job to protect the production and product quality.

Today the company continues to progress, the powerful process will inevitably encounter some difficulties, but also reflects the company's management is not in place. For problems after the company's investigation, research, appropriate measures have been taken, such as increased recruitment efforts, improve the environment and so on. The company decided to give employees increased benefits: 1, Table impaired employees contribute to the company conducted a monthly selection of excellent employees, who have obtained outstanding staff award cash prizes; 2, for the staff to improve the food; to all three, the company employee commitment, as long as the company to achieve sales targets, wages can get at least 20% growth; 4, enrich the staff of life, at least a month with a large outdoor activities or prizes fun games and activities. The company's development is inseparable from the joint efforts of employees, employees are our most important asset. Long-term adherence to establish a people-oriented development of the core and strive to build a harmonious enterprise.

The mobilization of the General Assembly intended to unite the staff strength, firm confidence in the development, consistent with the pace of the company's common development and common progress.