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2014 Years
2014 Years 3-6 Yangjiang county government to visit our guidance, encourage our LED development opportunities to seize the innovation, to create a hundred years old the entrepreneurial spirit, to enhance the development of enterprises to a higher level.
2014 Years 3-1 Guangdong HuaHuihuang Photoelectric Technology Co., Ltd. Formally joined the Shimmering Group
2013 Years
2013 Years9-25 《Jiangmen HuaHuihuang Photoelectric Technology Co., Ltd.》,Renamed《Guangdong HuaHuihuang Photoelectric Technology Co., Ltd.》
2013 Years9-1 HuaHuihuang Photoelectricity The success of the move to Jiangmen high tech Industrial Park, the general plant area expanded to 10000 square meters, fully automated production line successfully added to 52
2013 Years 3 - 21 HuaHuihuang Photoelectricity Cooperation with the Russian company Diora to set up factories in Russia's Tomsk region, to research, development, production LED SMD LED light.
2013 Years 1 - 9 HuaHuihuang Photoelectricity The two anniversary celebration and thank the supplier dinner held in Jiangmen gladden.
2012 Years
2012 Years 5 - 26 The first session of the Council of Jiangmen Association of lighting industry unit.
2012 Years 5 - 16 The establishment of《Jiangmen Shining Lighting Co., Ltd.》
2010 Years11-1 《Jiangmen HuaHuihuang Photoelectric Technology Co., Ltd.》In the sea town Jiangmen formally incorporated.